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Our web site at Great Forex World is dedicated to providing you with good quality free forex information explained in a plain and simple way so that you can enjoy making more money from your currency pairs trades.

Our mission statement is to take what can be a very complicated subject and make it both easier to understand and enjoyable and that’s whether you are a seasoned forex trader or a person that is new to forex trading.

Great Forex World Reviews

We take a look at and review the latest trading software finance systems which are commonly known as Expert Advisors and which run mainly on the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

There are also the Keith Cotterill Forex Trading systems called The Ultimate ForexPredictor and FX-180..

The Dubai Trader, John Wheatland, is the inventor and promoter of AFFx. Auto Focus FX, to give the system it’s full name, is a cutting edge forex trading system that is based around constant price range bar charts rather than the more traditional time based charts. John is well known for the first class support he gives to buyers of his system and a full review of AFFx and a profile of John will be found inside Great Forex World.

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Other topics that we will cover are forex jobs, forex signals software, currency trading books and DVDs like the Click Events product released by George Hallmey called The Breakfast Trader.

For our fellow Brits we also take a long hard look at how to benefit from spread betting forex which currently enjoys some tax advantages if you trade and are based in the UK.

We believe that one of the best exponents and teachers of spread betting forex is David Jones the IG Index technical analysis guru and we provide a full review of  his spread betting the fx markets product which you can get to by clicking here Spread Betting The Forex Markets.

There will also be articles on Fibonacci and other types of  technical analysis.

Inside Great Forex World you will find helpful forex reviews, informative forex information and forex tips and much, much more.


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